Volunteer with us 

Why volunteer with us? 

If you have passion for children, volunteer in Ghana, Kumasi at Street Children Project and extend a hand of friendship to the vulnerable youth. With increasing poverty and lack of education in Ghana, the number of abandoned children is escalating by the day. A lot of children in Ghana have ended up living on the streets. Left to fend for themselves on the streets, the children get often involved with illegal activities. Street Children Project collaborates with several organizations, local and international to reach out to these children and give them the support they need. By volunteering you will provide support in the rehabilitation process, safety and education by creating a safe and healthy environment for them to grow up in.

Volunteers Responsibilities

As a volunteer at Street Children Project, you will be working with children from different backgrounds in Kumasi. Depending on your individual interests, and skills and the needs of the project, your daily activities involve:

  • Provide love, care and support to children from impoverished backgrounds
  • Work with a local organization to keep children at risk off the streets and social vices
  • Teaching basic English, Mathematics, Social Studies or other subjects of interest
  • Helping the children with homework
  • Creating a fun, safe and all- inclusive environment
  • Being a friend to the children
  • Participate in playtime activities
  • Educating on personal hygiene, safety, and precautions
  • Developing stimulating new ideas to interest children to learn
  • Organizing and leading extracurricular activities such as games, sports, art, music, dancing, story-telling, drama etc.

You will also assist local staff with administrative duties for example by writing a follow- up report or interview that you have executed.

How can you make a difference

This project aims at rehabilitating street children back in their families, so as to provide them a normal childhood. You will be playing a major role in helping us to reach out to children at risk and leading them towards a brighter future and be responsible citizens in the society. The children that you will be helping often come from poor families who are unable to provide for their children. Some of the children may also have incarcerated parents or are abandoned due to social crutches that are preventing them from having a safe life. No matter their background, there is one thing for sure, the children are deprived of love and support. By volunteering, you'll be taking up 'friend role' in attempt to connect with disadvantaged children and inspire them to work towards a better future. Your time alone would prove to be a significant impact on the lives of the children.

Skills and Qualifications

There are no specific qualifications needed to join this project. However your understanding of the Ghanaian culture and diversity can help improve the experience for you and the children. You will be taken through a five- day orientation program to know more of what we do. Volunteers should be pro- active, enthusiastic, reliable, flexible, patient and strive to be good role models for the children. Experience working with children is considered a plus. Volunteers must also respect the locals and the host organization along with our rules. 

We request from you the following:
- A motivational letter
- Your curriculum Vitae
- A certificate of good conduct

Project location

The project is located in Kumasi, the second largest city of Ghana and the capital city of the Ashanti Region. Kumasi is a very important and historical centre for Ghana and traditions are still held up high. There is a wide range of attractions in Kumasi.

In your free time you could for example visit the Manhyia Palace, the seat of the King of Ashanti and members of the royal family. Visitors can get a good insight into traditional African democracy, which is still very present in the customs of the people. Visit also the very colourful and busy Kejetia market, where everyone is trying to make the living for themselves.

If you are looking to escape the heat and busy town, visit Lake Bosomtwi, the largest natural lake in Ghana, about 32 km from Kumasi. Enjoy the cool breeze and green environment for a weekend. Or you can visit Bobori Butterfly sanctuary in the forest. You can also visit the villages around Kumasi, where artisans specialize in crafts such as goldsmithing, wood carving, cloth printing and weaving. You can reach this places with public transportation such as taxi or trotro.