St. Louise Vocational Training Centre

St. Louise Vocational Training Centre is located at Appiadu a suburb of Kumasi. The Vocational Training Centre was established in 2013 to provide a residential skill training centre for girls who wish to leave the street to learn a skill but who may not have stable families to return to. It was also noted that some girls who returned home form the streets and enrolled into skill training dropped out due to abusive family situation, early/forced marriages, lack of family support or economic hardship. To prevent these situations a residential centre was thought to be the alternative so vulnerable young girls can learn skill of their choices free from threats.

The centre provides girls who exit the street as well as poor girls at risk of going to the street the opportunity to learn employable skills of their choices of two years. The training at the VTC is holistic. Girls are trained in a wide range of areas such as home keeping, basic literacy, human development/ sexuality. Girls are mentored to develop self- confidence and esteem and a sense of self determination. They are also exposed to a wide range of skill areas which include crop and animal farming, beads making, detergent making, and tye and dye. At the moment the girls have the option to specialize in dress making or hairdressing.

The training concludes with the girls taking the National Vocational Training Institute Training (NVTI) examination. After their graduation, the girls undertake a few months of internship with well- established experts in their fields of training. On completion of the internship girls are helped to establish their business with needed set-up items.

Sponsorship is a means to an end. The primary aim of all we do for children/youngsters in street situation is to empower them towards economic independence so they can earn their living through dignified labour and realize their potentials and become actualized individuals who can contribute meaningfully to the society. Therefore we assist beneficiaries to set up their income generating projects, when they complete the skill training of their choices. In some cases they are given employment opportunities or helped to access one.