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Street Children Project

Street Children Project (SCP) is a Non-governmental and Non-profit making organization concerned about the plight of vulnerable children, particularly young girls who live and work on the streets of Kumasi, Ghana. The Project was established in 2005 by the Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi to address the needs of helpless children (male and female) who live on the streets of Kumasi. 

Street Children Project is managed by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul, a female religious congregation founded in France, in 1633 by St. Vincent De Paul and St. Louise De Marillac for the service of the poor. The Daughters of Charity have their general headquarters in Paris- France and their Provincial headquarters in Nigeria- West Africa.

Background information 

It is estimated that as many as 20,000 children/youngsters between the ages of 5-18 years, roam the streets of Kumasi without care, parental guidance, shelter, and other basic necessities of life. These children have no access to education or enterprise training and are likely to grow up in poverty and constitute societal nuisance.

Generally, children migrate from very poor rural communities in Ghana particularly villages from the Northern part of Ghana to the streets of Kumasi. Most of these children are from very poor families where parents continue to procreate without considering their parental responsibilities towards their children. Confronted with so many children to care and provide for, these parents encourage and in some cases, force their children to Kumasi to work and earn some income for themselves and their families. On the other hand, some children who are faced with extreme poverty and abusive family situations in early childhood take the initiative to go to Kumasi in the bid to work to sustain themselves. Some also intend to work to earn money to support themselves in formal education or skill training. However, on arrival to Kumasi, the problems they face on the streets are often even worse than those they endured at home. These children are exposed to dangers and abuses of various types and are forced to perform tasks beyond their ages and capacities. They live rough and are exposed to anti-social/criminal acts such as drugs, alcohol, commercial sex work, pilfering, fighting, etc. These children have no access to education or enterprise training and are likely to grow up in poverty and constitute societal nuisance.

Street Children Project is concerned about the predicament of children in street situation, their early exposures to abuses and the harmful effects of street life on children and how these children can be provided with a better future. The project views streetism (children living on the streets) as a serious social problem that needs corporate interventions from the Government, Non-Governmental organizations, and International organizations to tackle.

As a Project, we address the problem of children on the street of Kumasi through various interventions/programmes in collaboration and partnerships with other organizations.


Street children Project envisions that all children, live, grow and are caref for within their homes, that no child spents his livehood on the streets. 


Street Children Project is committed to address the reality of children on the streets of Kumasi, by reaching out to help them explore other options in life, offering enabling services to motivate them towards reintegration, empowering them by providing opportunities for education, and enterprise development.


Street Children Project seeks to be a support system for all children in street situation and assist them towards rehabilitation, through street education, reintegration into families and access to basic education or skill training. 




The Project operates with a management team made up of the Project Director, Programme Manager, Administrative Assistant, Monitoring/ Evaluation Officer and Account Officer. The management team is responsible for the day-to-day administration and management of SCP. The team is accountable to the Management Board, the legal owner, the Daughters of Charity leadership team as well as funding agencies/partner organizations, beneficiaries and all donors who relate with the project. A team of 30 dynamic and committed staff carry out the diverse services provided to children in street situation.  Regular management team are also held with the headmisstress and the Sister in Charge of the VTC. 

Sr. Olivia Umoh 

Project Director

Jessica Deh

Programme Manager

Akwasi Prempeh

Administrative Assistant

Ezekiel Boampong

Account Officer

Edna Brouns

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer 

Sr. Catherine Eking

Sr. in charge of VTC

Judesca Comenentia

Headmistress Day Care Centre

The Management Board

Street Children Project is blessed with a seven member Management Board made up of experts and professionals from diverse backgrounds related to our work. They serve as the governing body of the project by performing supervisory and advisory roles.

Management Board with the Metropolitan Archbishop Most Rev. Gabriel Justice Yaw Anokye
Management Board with the Metropolitan Archbishop Most Rev. Gabriel Justice Yaw Anokye


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