Succes stories of 2018

Read more about the lives of youth we have touched in the year 2018. Meet Naomi, Clinton, Hawa and Charles.. beneficiaries and changes agents of the project as they talk about their lives and how Street Children Project has supported them. 

Meet Clinton
Opoku Ware Senior High School

My name is Clinton. I am a 19-year-old student of Opoku Ware Senior High School Kumasi. I like to read debate and talk history.

SCP came to my aid in the most vulnerable moment of my educational life. The project since september 2016, has been providing my educational needs including my bills and books. The Project has provided, fostered and ensured an equal access to educational chances for me and many other vulnerable children and victims of streetism.

I duly appreciate the huge part the project has played in my life. The kind and generous donations and assistance the Project has given me has established firm grounds that motivates me to fight to achieve more. Today, I am the Assistant School Prefect (Administration) of my current school and the regional General Secretary of Ghana United Nations Students and Youth Association (GUNSA). My dream is to become an International lawyer, a journalist and to work with the United Nations, which will line up directly with mission of protecting street children from abuse, violence and exploitation so they can also reach their highest potentials and abilities has been inspired by SCP.

Meet Naomi
Senior High School graduate and Social Change Agent

Naomi is name and I have just turned 18 years old. I completed Senior High School in 2018. I was a street girl selling ice water on the street. 

Though I was interested in assessing formal education, my mother who is a poor widow with 3 children in Bolgatanga could not afford to cater for us. This was why I came to stay with a relative in Kumasi. This aunt did not intend to send me to school and was reluctant to feed me. I started selling water to feed myself. 

In 2012, I encountered SCP and they enrolled me in Primary 6. After completing basic school, they supported me to assess Senior High School. Seeing how SCP has changed me from a school drop-out and street child to a Senior High School graduate, I therefore decided to also touch the lives of other children on the street by working with SCP as a volunteer.

I intend to save money to continue my education to tertiary level. I pray SCP will have the means to support me. I know they have so many children worse off than me that need their support. I intend to be a teacher so that I can educate other poor children.

Meet Charles 
Student in Senior High School 

I am Charles. I dropped out of school when my poor widow mother could no longer afford to provide for my upkeep and school needs. In order to survive, I came to the street hoping to engage in petty trade to support my daily needs and my family. On reaching the street, I realized it was very challenging. I was faced with no place to sleep and nothing to eat.

The struggles I encountered left me depressed and emotionally unstable until I met a staff of the street children project during street work.After assessing my situation, SCP offered to sponsor me along with my other friends on the street who were in the same situation I was.

Today, I am in SHS 2 because of my encounter with the SCP. They have provided all things I need so I would not be distracted from my education by worrying about my basic needs. I am a happy boy with the help of the street children project and hopes to be a banker in future.

I have therefore developed the motor; "Street Children Project! The light of My World". 

Meet Hawa
Student in Junior High School 

 I am Hawa. Before coming to Kumasi, I was staying with my parents in Walewale. My mother always abused me physically and so I was never happy at home. After hearing about some of the children in my village planning to come to Kumasi, I decided to join them. I left home without informing any family member because I wanted to run away from the consistent physical abuse I suffered at the hands of my mother.

Upon reaching Kumasi, I met a woman who said she would help me but she ended up exploiting me by giving me water to sell each day on the street without pay or food. As a result of continuous starving, I run away from there and encountered SCP. Since then my life changed. They reconciled me with my family and ensured I was free from abuse.

I am currently staying at the vocational training centre but schooling. I am in JHS 1. All my needs are provided for. I was enrolled in Primary 1 and I am currently in JHS 1. SCP has given me hope of a brighter future. I dream of becoming a medical doctor or a pilot.