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Launch of Newsletter

I am delighted to launch the first edition of our long planned newsletter, thanks to our wonderful volunteer-staff Edna Brouns who single handedly birthed this idea. I am so happy that this idea eventually been hatched to keep our partners, collaborators, supporters, friends and indeed all our stakeholders informed of activities and progress. For us, keeping regular reports is an aspect of accountability to the public. 

Our editor and contributors are determined to produce this newsletter quarterly to keep both practitioners, volunteers and all stakeholders regularly and well informed through the course of the year building up to the annual report. Join us to create a better future for children in street situation. ~ Sr Olivia Umoh, Project Director


Value- Based Approach to Service 

2018/2019 marked a new step in delivering service to children in street situation and the most vulnerable in the society. Different workshop sessions were delivered by the Quality Assurance Team of SCP to all staff, volunteers and students in the project. This sessions made the staff to understand better what guides the Daughters of Charity sisters in their mission to serve the poor with respect to dignity of the human person. According to the spirit of St. Louise de Marillac and St. Vincent de Paul and inspired by their Christian vision of service to those most in need, the Daughters of Charity, Province of Nigeria aims at impacting the core Vincentian values in all their services, enhancing commitment of staff members to the value- based approach. In other words, the core values that the sisters profess are the same as those lived by St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac and staff of the project are also encouraged to live and serve by these values. 

The core- values that guide us in our mission to serve children in situation are the following: respect, collaboration, commitment, integrity, compassion, justice, and creativity. As staff of Street Children Project we strive for excellence and advocate for the resources to enable us to achieve our mission. This is done through collaboration with other service providers, families and (inter)national organisations as fellow advocates for those we serve. We seek for innovative and creative ways of achieving high standards of service and care, and we also seek to achieve justice for street connected children. A quality assurance team has been set- up (see photo) to continuously enlighten, train and monitor the implementation of the value - based approach in our services. Let us be energised to continue their work by living these core values every day!

Reports from the various centres

Vocational Training Centre 

The Vocational Training Centre (VTC) welcomes girls from the street as well as girls from poor family backgrounds at risk of taking to the streets or being forced into marriages by their families. There have been a number of admissions in the last period. One major activity is the implementation of a new module of training. Girls admitted begin with basic literacy which comprises of English, maths, social studies and human development for the first 3 months before they are promoted to the practical skill classes. Hairdressing and catering have now been formally introduced to the girls in the centre as part of the major skills they can learn. Currently there are 40 girls in the VTC of which some of them are supported in formal education and others in skill training. Other highlights of the VTC are:

* Opening of grinding mill
* Outing for the girls after completing the one week orientation
*Employment of a caterer
* Girls are able to communicate better in English due to a regular literacy teacher
* Workshops held for the girls on "Know myself" and Interpersonal relationship by different teachers from the Netherlands

Day Care Centre 

The school resumed on 15th January 2019, after a well -deserved Christmas holiday. Staff and children returned sound and strong to embark on activities for the second term. Currently we have 163 children in Early Childhood Education. Due to the growing number, the Day Care Centre has been provided with two extra classes, one nursery class at Abinkyi and a Kindergarten (KG) class at Roman Hill. Other good news we would like to share is the provision of new play items and an artificial grass carpet, which brighten the place and makes the environment so wonderful for the children to enjoy their breaktime. A four day workshop on teaching methods, was held after the Easter break for teachers. It was a very successful week with different resource persons coming to share their expertise with us. Last but certainly not least, we have new colourful, modern tables and chairs to aid teaching and learning in our classrooms. We say a big Thank You to Marleen (volunteer from Germany) and her family, and friends for their donation to make this possible. The children will vacate in July and resume in September 2019. On the last day of this academic year an Open Day will be held, where parents will be invited to the school. Children will be reciting poems and rhymes, doing drama and dancing, to close the year!

Drop-in Centre 

The Drop- in Centre opened its door beginning of January 2019 with a workshop and an outing for all staff of the Project. This occasions set a good tone for the work year. Staff of the Drop- in Centre continued to embark on the daily activities such as street outreach, value- talk, interviews, follow- up, family reintegration etc. It is through our engagement that girls leave the streets, go back home and opt for education or skill training. A major challenge we face in fieldwork is that some of the aunties of the younger children on the street prevent them from accessing our services for fear they will be convinced to leave the street. We are planning to engage these aunties more while we do street outreach. This is to make them understand better what we are about, why these children shouldn't be on the streets and they should join hands with us to assist the young children. Other events that occurred in the centre worthwhile mentioning are:

*Workshops for street connected mothers on different topics such as, Child Immunization by a team from Centre Disease Control- Ghana Health Service, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) by the Information Service Department and Child Abuse by American Relief Centres. Children and young mothers where enlightened on these different topics and we hope it will influence their mindset and attitude in a positive way.
*Staff of the Project attended workshops organized by different organizations in Kumasi on Anger Management, Strengthening sustainability and Strategic collaboration among CSO's in Ghana, and Child Protection and General Comment 21.
*Sr. Olivia, Director of the Project attended a three- day Pastoral Programme in Rome, Italy on Human Trafficking.
*A successful review of the Child Protection Policy of SCP
*New staff have been employed to strengthen the capacity of the Project.
*20 students and volunteers joined the project in the period of January till May 2019. We thank them for their services to our Project and we hope to see them again.
*Donations made towards supporting children in street situation by the following persons: Janelle, Alida, Tim, Anouk, Jill and Demi from the Netherlands. We are much grateful to all of you!

We've launched our new website and we're excited to introduce you to our new look.

SCP is proud to announce the launch of our new website which coincides with our expanding role as a leading organization in the provision of holistic services and interventions for children in street situation as well as street connected children in Ghana. Our new website provides a clear message of who we are, what we stand for, and where our value lies, when developing, delivering and maintaining our services. Going forward, we will continue to communicate regularly through news updates, and provide new articles and notifications. We also plan to continue adding more visual content in the form of videos/ photos and service information to provide you with all the information you need to keep you up to date. We're really proud of the new website and feel it will create the experience you're looking for when paying us a visit. Check out the new website here:

International Day for Street Children 2019

Street Children Project as previous years celebrated the International Day for Street Children on the 12th of April. The theme for this year was "Commit to Equality for Street Children." Commit to Equality is the first step of the four steps towards Equality set by the Consortium for Street Children. This step means that we should recognise that street connected children have the same rights as any other child and this needs to be reflected in law and policy.  In order to mark this day SCP, embarked on different activities with other partner organisations. Most of the activities took place in the Northern Region. Majority of the children we assist migrate from this region. The activities include a school awareness program, a Stakeholders Forum organized by CEDEPA Tamale, a Float through the principal streets of Tamale and the first children's Forum organized by SCP in Kumasi. As earlier mentioned most of the activities took place in the North. Seven staff members travelled to Tamale to join in the events with partnering organizations. The events that were carried out were very successful and we hope to do more on advocacy and awareness creation in the Northern Region in partnership with other organizations. We thank our benefactors and partners for their consistent support and collaboration. 
One activity that we would like to point out is the Children's Forum that was carried out for the first time, with on the theme: 'My Story, My Dream." 100 children were invited to share their stories and also talk about what they would like to achieve. Children shared passionately their stories and hopes. "People treat us as animals", a comment of a 14- year old girl. "We experience hunger, unsafe and bad sleep, and abuse everyday", another boy speaking. These are a few examples of their stories. Their dreams are to be treated equally as any other human. We have collated their stories and dreams and we will give this in a written document to the Regional Minister's Office in Ashanti, Kumasi. This is one of the steps we are taking together with towards Equality as a leading organization against streetism. 


5,362 Children benefitted from street outreach
1,754 Children engaged in interaction and interviews
960 New children came to the centre
823 Children carried through recreational activities
150 Children under Educational Sponsorship
60 Follow- up sessions carried out
32 Children been reintegrated with their families  


SCP plans to undertake the following activities:

A 10 day Follow- up to the North to check on beneficiaries
* PTA meeting for Day Care Centre 
* Open Day at Day Care Centre
* Visit of volunteers from Ireland, France and Spain
* Meeting with children and parents of children under support
* Change Agents Programme 2019 starts in July for graduated beneficiaries

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