Educational Support

Children mostly found under the educational sponsorship component of Street Children Project are mostly economically endangered children (children at risk of going to the street), because they have lost either both parents or a major breadwinner. Street Children Project supports them by paying for the school fees, levies, school materials and other needs. Children without no safe environment to stay with family members are invited to stay in the Vocational Training Centre or attend a boarding school.

Children enrolled in formal education are regularly followed- up by staff of the project. Children in school seem to do well when we receive their academic reports and remarks from the teachers. It has even reached to the extend that some of the beneficiaries in Senior High School earned scholarships due to their excellent academic performances. Some of them demonstrate outstanding sense of responsibility that they minted leaderships positions in their school. This makes it evident that lots of children in street situation have great potentials, intelligence and prospects.

Social change agents
Street Children Project is committed to groom children in street situation/ at risk to become 'Social Change Agents'. These are children already assisted by the project and who are willing to contribute their services to support the cause of other children in street situation. In order to achieve this, Street Children Project provides capacity building workshops for beneficiaries towards creating a sense of social responsibility. Having past beneficiaries contributes to our services is an indicator of sustainability of the project. 

Youth under educational sponsorship 

Education is the key to success! Help us getting more children into education