St. Vincent de Paul Day Care Centre

Street Children Project operates a Day Care Centre located at Abinkyi market in Kumasi. The Day Care Centre is for babies born and raised on the street. These are babies of young mothers who get impregnated on the street mostly from exploitative relationships. Some of the street mothers are married women who flee hardships from their rural homes into Kumasi to work to sustain themselves and their families. These woman ordinarily strap their babies at their back and carry loads on the heads around the crowded market. The Day Care Centre provides a caring/nurturing space for babies during the day while their mothers work. The Day Care Centre is a response to relieve such woman so they can work with less stress. Aside relieving the mothers, the Day Care is intended as a preventive measure against streetism for the babies. It is our assumption that when these children are exposed to early childhood education the mothers will most likely not want them to take up living on the streets. While their children are enrolled in the Day Care, we meet with their mothers occasionally to educate them on the need to invest in the education of their children.

Teachers and day care attendants take joy in attending to these young children. Children learn to sing, create rhyms, creative arts, and other recreational activities. Children who complete early childhood education proceed to primary school with the initiative of their mothers. 

Day Care Centre Children

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