Annual Report

Our latest annual reports

Street Children Project is a leading humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting poverty and social injustice. We place sepcial emphasis on investing in vulnerable children, especially girls, because our years of experience show that their empowerment benefits whole communities. 

Check out our latest annual report and see how, with your help we are saving lives, defeating poverty and achieving social justice for the youth in Ghana. 


"The Power is in me! Creating opportunities for children in street situation". The quote of 2019 from Street Children. 2019 showed us another beautiful work year and our efforts have yielded in bountiful fruits. New rehabilitation programes were introduced, we facilitated free registration on the National Health Insurance Scheme, organized workshops on Human Trafficking and many more. All these interventions wouldn't be possible without the excellent relationship between the beneficiaries and staff of SCP. You can read about the personal stories and other achievements in the Annual Report of 2019. 

We wish to thank all partner organizations, donors, individuals, volunteers and staff who contributed towards the sustainability of the life changing services of Street Children Project in 2019. It is with your support we can provide services towards our vision and mission. 


2018 was another very eventful year for Street Children Project. We continued to support more children into enterprise development. A highlight of the year was the Stakeholders forum we held to climax the International Day for Street Children. The purpose of the forum was to deliberate on the way forward for children in street situation. The year also saw Street Children Project made a turning point in mobilization of the local resources and expansion of collaboration. Download our 2018 Annual report to know more...

We continue to thank each one of you for all your contributions and support. Together we can do more! 


The year 2017 was another remarkable year for Street Children Project. It was a breakthrough for children in street situation as the United Nations passed a general comment on street connected children. Other milestones where the graduation and setting up of 14 young, determined ladies, an external evaluation that was carried out, we also drew up our six (6) years strategic plan and many more. You can all read about it in our annual report 2017. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all our collaborators, partners, volunteers, individuals who empowered us to assist children in street situation. We look forward to continously work with you in the coming year. 


Our primary aim is to assist children to leave the streets and support them to develop themselves into independent living. We are grateful that we where able to continue to support poor children to access formal education and skilltraining. The year was also full with other activities such as the graduation of girls who completed their training in the Vocational Training Centre, review of the Child Protection Policy, three follow- ups to the North and many more. 

We are immensly thankful to everyone who supported us to serve the children in street situation in 2016! Read more of what we achieved at Street Children Project in the 2016 Annual Report. 


In 2015 the Drop in Centre continued to provide a place of refuge for children in street situation. In the course of the year the project organized a number of workshops and trainings for her staff. Other memorable activities that where carried out where the dirlling of a borehole, at the Day Care Centre, graduation of the first batch of girls, building of the poultry and the visit of the Provincial Superior of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. Download the 2015 ANNUAL REPORT to know more of what we have achieved throughout the year. 

We couldn't have achieved all of this if it was not for you, our donors, colloborators, individuals, and our children. We say a big thank you for your collaboration. 

Thank you for your support throughout the year