Advocacy Program

Advocacy and sensitization or awareness creation programmes is an aspect of Street children Project activities towards addressing the root causes of children on the street. Advocacy is meant to bring on board influential people and stakeholders who can help influence policies within the country towards eradicating streetism and upholding the rights of children in street situation. This is done alongside sensitization to impact on the mind set of young children on the street/ those at risk of being on the street on the harm of street life to their person and future. Our sensitization programme is also targeted at communities and the general public to get the public realise their responsibilities towards children and to influence the general public develop compassion, empathy and positive attitudes towards children on the street and all children in general. Our advocacy and sensitization programmes targets reduction and eventual eradication of all forms of child slavery including; forced/early marriage, child trafficking, child migration, abusive customs, domestic violence and practices against children. 

Activities we undertake under this programme are: 

  • The International Day for Street Children 
  • Sensitization programme in schools
  • Stakeholders Forum
  • Float
  • Media campaigns 
  • Community sensitization in the North of Ghana 

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children."~Nelson Mandela 

International Day for Street Children 

The Consortium for Street Children (CSC), a leading international network dedicated to raising street children's voices, promoting their rights and improving their lives in 2011 launched April 12, as the International Day for Street Children. The day provides a platform for the millions of street children around and their champions to speak out so that their rights cannot be ignored. Since its inception, support continues to grow, and the day is now marked in over 130 countries by street children, NGO's, celebrities, policy makers, businesses, and individuals around the world. Each year the Consortium releases a theme for the International Day inviting all of the network to reflect and work in line with the theme in the course of the year.

Street Children Project has over the past four years committed itself to mark this day because we see it as an opportunity to support the voices of children in street situation. SCP in marking this day engages in activities that empower street children to claim their rights and create awareness regarding the plight of street children to the general public. Parents, schools, and communities are made aware of the challenges and dangers that street children face on daily basis in the streets , and the risks of children dropping out of school and becoming 'street children'. In the past Street Children Project has embarked on floats through the principal streets of Kumasi city to sensitize the public. Other sensitization programmes are also carried out in schools and churches as well through the media.

Street Children Project always collaborates with government and non-governmental organizations who are concerned with the plight of children in street situation to mark this occasion.