Our Key Service Areas

Street outreach

Street outreach is carried out throughout the week within Kumasi. Children in street situation are educated on various topics to help them consider some other options rather than being on the street.

Family Re-integration

Family re-integration is of priority to Street Children Project. Family is the primary institution where children are nurtured and socialized to responsible adults. Their re-integration to a permanent home with their family is critical to their well-being.


We envision that children live, grow and are cared for within their home. In accordance with this vision all our services are geared towards getting children out of the streets into development ventures. 

Sponsorship in Education/Skilltraining 

The primary aim of all we do for children in street situation is to empower them towards economic independence so they can earn their living through dignified labour and realise their potentials.

Our Story

Street Children Project came into existence as a response to a social problem and a felt need of the Ghanian society. In the early 2000, the Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi noted an alarming population of children in the city of Kumasi without guardian or parental care. In 2005 Street Children Project was launched by the Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi to address the needs of vulnerable children who live on the streets of Kumasi. 

Message for the week

CARITAS Ghana Catholic Secretariat has held a day's dialogue to facilitate and support resettlement and reintegration of vulnerable populations affected by COVID-19 pandemic in Kumasi, Ashanti regional capital.

The meeting was organized by Caritas Ghana, in partnership with Street Children Project (SCP) in Kumasi and the CARITAS of the Catholic Archdiocese, AFDOM GHANA supported by Star Ghana Foundation.

The Director of Street Children Project (SCP), Rev Sr. Olivia Umoh, outlined some of the interventions embarked, among them were mobilizing some female head porters (kayaye) to give them skills training, offering them shelter and food.

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Emergency Relief Program Statistics

Phase 2  April to May 2020


Hot meals and dried food packages shared to children in street situation, woman, families and destitute persons


Face masks have been produced and shared to the persons in need. Other PPE materials were also shared such as sanitizers. 


Beneficiaries been educated on the pandemic. This to create awareness and encourage them to adhere to the safety protocols. 


Children left the street and returned back home to their families in the North after the lifting of the lockdown. 

Street Children Project and Media 

Help Street Children survive the COVID-19 pandemic

SCP Statement on COVID-19 

It is more than one week since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, the number of cases continues to soar around the world. Hundreds of millions of children are not in school. Borders have been closed, lives have been upended. As the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak across the world increases every day we know it is a very worrying time for everyone. We at Street Children Project Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi want to reassure you that as a charity we're doing our best to adapt to new and complex situations without losing sight of our role in keeping some of the world's most vulnerable children safe.

We are quickly responding to fast-moving situations and will continue to do whatever we can in line with official advice. The Day Care Centre has been closed, events and meetings have been postponed and some approaches on our work have been changed.

Now more than ever, we count on you donors to continue supporting our mission for those with nothing and no one- despite these difficult times. We won't stop working to reach and protect the children that you have been so generously supporting. Together we can still keep them safe.

For more information and updates on the COVID- 19 including guidance for children, families and schools visit the following websites https://ghanahealthservice.org/covid19 or ttp://www.presidency.gov.gh/index.php and www.who.org for the latest information around the virus. 

Thank you for your continuous support!

Kumasi Street Children Project Team



Follow the most recent situation updates on the COVID- 19 novel at Street Children Project here.

The Corona Virus pandemic has greatly affected the world and the way things are done. In effect, organizations have adjusted their work plans to incorporate the" new normal". Amidst the pandemic, Civil Society Organizations whose ultimate aim is the welfare of the vulnerable in the society, have to weather the storms and serve their target groups. ...

30th July of every year marks the UN Day against Human Trafficking. ConPHAT-Talitha Kum Ghana in collaboration with Street Children Project and the Anti-Trafficking Unit of Ghana Police Service has held a panel discussion to mark this important agenda and also create awareness.

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